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Official provider :: of vascular therapy devices for the Finnish Olympic Team

BEMER Finland began its co-operation with top athletes in 2010 when athletes such as Kalle Palander, Kiira Korpi, Ville Larinto and Laura Lepistö started to use BEMER treatment.

BEMER Finnland Olympia Partner

The fracture in Kalle’s shinbone was healed with the help of BEMER therapy and he was able to get back on the skis.

News about all the great experiences with BEMER spread among the top athletes. The Finnish athletic star, javelinist Tero Pitkämäki started using BEMER therapy to support his training. The basketball player Hanno Möttölä is also very happy with the BEMER therapy.

All these fantastic references lead to that  marathon runner Leena Puotiniemi and wrestler Rami Hietaniemi, both chosen to the London Olympics, to sign a contract with us.

BEMER Finland / Lifenet Oy and the Finnish Olympic Committee have signed a co-operation agreement and we are now the official provider of vasculare therapy devices to the Finnish Olympic Team.

The Finnish Olympic Team is using BEMER devices at the London Olympics.


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